While there are many issues that impact us, I’d like to focus on two main issues: safety and efficiency.

1. Safety

Add TTC platform barriers/guards

This can reduce the risk of people falling into the tracks (whether by accident or not) especially in light of recent incidences of people getting pushed and violence on the TTC.

More police presence in troubled areas

Instead of stretching our resources thin, it is more effective to relocate some police presence to more high-crime and high-violence areas to keep communities safe.

More investment of resources in troubled communities

The best way to reduce crime and violence is to deal with the root causes. Resources invested in these areas will help provide opportunities and support for at-risk youth to reduce the chances of their involvement with illegal activities. E.g. Initiatives like UrbanPromise Toronto help in this regard.

2. Efficiency

Snow dam removal (snow plough to clear entrances to driveways)

After snow ploughs push snow to the sides of streets, it often creates heavy snow dams in front of driveways, forcing residents to re-shovel it. Some parts of the city currently have effective snow dam removal, but it is important for all residential areas of Toronto to have this.

Study how can dedicated bicycle lanes be better used in winter

Since bicycle lanes are largely unused during the winter, we should look for ways to put them to better use during the winter months to make roads more efficient for everyone.

Lane filtering to help increase traffic flow

Lane filtering would allow motorcyclists to ride between lanes or rows of slow moving or stopped traffic moving in the same direction. This allows riders to bypass traffic congestion and may also be safer than stopping behind stationary vehicles, as well as reduce congestion for drivers of other vehicles.

Food before feelings

We need to use our city’s budget more efficiently. Instead of using it to change street names that people “feel” should be changed, we should allocate that money to providing food and shelter to families and individuals in need.